We are extremely proud to showcase our portfolio of current website hosting and maintenance clients. 

To visit the live site for each client, please click on the image or the website URL within the test description. 

(Please note: This list contains clients who have come to KJS Design & Technology with existing websites for which they needed a hosting and/or maintenance provider.  For a list of “full-service” websites designed and created by KJS Design & Technology, please visit our Website Clients page.) 

Cakes By Ligia 


Hosting & maintenance client, Cakes By Ligia, came to us through a referral from a friend in the summer of 2010.  

We re-launched www.cakesbyligia.com on September 1, 2010 with their brand new photo gallery of Ligia De Jesus’ spectacular portfolio of cakes. 

Courage to Connect NJ 


Gina and Wendy Genovese came to KJS Design & Technology in May, 2010 through Cottage Computers in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.    

We provide ongoing maintenance to their existing WordPress website and blog, www.couragetoconnectnj.org.  

Monday Morning Inc. 


In January of 2010, Monday Mornings Inc. needed a new website designer for their monthly updates and maintenance to their existing www.mondayam.com.  Through a referral, they came to KJS Design & Technology. 

On August 31, 2010, Monday Mornings decided to also move their hosting to KJS Design & Technology.



New Jersey Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy (NJSHCA) came to KJS Design & Technology through a referral, when they needed a new hosting and maintenance provider for their existing site.   

On August 5, 2019 www.njshca.org went live on our hosting plan, with the intention to update or redesign the site in the near future.

National Council of Self Insurers 


National Council of Self Insurers came to KJS Design & Technology in January, 2010, through Cottage Computers in Berkeley Heights for regular updates and ongoing maintenance of their existing site, www.natcouncil.com.

Paolo’s Kitchen 


In the spring of 2010, Paolo’s Kitchen was referred to KJS Design & Technology for hosting and ongoing maintenance of their existing website.  In May, 2010, www.paoloskitchen.com went live on our hosting plan, following a few graphical and functional updates.  

Patrician Journeys, Inc. 


Pat & Joe Sullivan of Patrician Journeys were referred to us when they needed a new hosting & maintenance provider.  On August 10, 2010, www.patricianjourneys.com was re-launched with KJS Design & Technology.   

Patrician Journeys is also a Creative Marketing client with focus on PR and Social Media Marketing efforts.


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