We are proud to present Gloria Dei’s redesigned website.

Now with resources such as “Good News on the Go” videos, Pastor Christa’s written sermons, a comprehensive church calendar and more…

Working as a team with Pastor Christa Compton, Tom Houle and Kathy Long has been a true pleasure! This website has not only received a fresh new look, but has been turned into the online representation of the church’s friendly narthex – welcoming you, and offering options for you to grow your faith. We invite you to check out the live website for more information!

About Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (www.elca.org). They are a church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace for all people as known to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. They welcome your questions about God, the Bible, and faith. The people of Gloria Dei represent many different faith backgrounds and stories, and invite you to come grow with them. Learn more…

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Visit GloriaDeiChatham.org


We are pleased to announce the website launch for
Nolan College Consulting in Summit, New Jersey

We first began to work with Eileen Nolan on print marketing design and social media marketing in 2010. It is a great pleasure to now share with you this website which focuses on simple elegance and crisp content. We invite you to visit NolanCollegeConsulting.com to experience a beautiful website, and to gain insight into the world of preparing for the college search.

About Nolan College Consulting

As a personalized firm, Nolan College Consulting works one-on-one with a student in all aspects of the college search and application process. They listen carefully and create an organized timeline to help students meet deadlines and goals. Find out more…


Visit www.NolanCollegeConsult.com


Introducing…the all-new website for
Inaugural 2014, Inc.

Check it out at inaugural2014.org!

We are extremely excited to share another brand-new website with you! It has been a great pleasure working with Governor Christie’s terrific Inaugural team to develop the website for the 2nd Inauguration of New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno on January 21st, 2014! We are proud to have developed both of the Inaugural websites for Governor Christie!

About Inaugural 2014, Inc.

Chris Christie was sworn in as Governor of New Jersey on January 19, 2010. Since taking office, Governor Christie has taken action on an aggressive reform agenda to restore fiscal integrity and accountability to state and local government, combat New Jersey’s highest in the nation property taxes, institute historic reform of the state’s pension and health benefits system, and bring about necessary changes to public education in order to identify and turn around failing schools and give every child access to a quality education.

Kim Guadagno was elected New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor in November 2009 and was sworn into office on January 19, 2010. In addition to serving as the Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno serves as the 33rd Secretary of State.

We invite you to click the image below to visit the live website and find out more…

Inaugural 2014, Inc.

Visit Inaugural2014.org


Introducing the new website for
the re-election of Freeholder Gary Rich.

Check it out at FreeholderGaryRich.com!

We are excited to share another brand-new website with you! We have sincerely enjoyed working with Freeholder Gary Rich and his campaign team on the website, graphic design and mailing campaigns; not only for the past few months, but also during his successful election in 2011. We invite you to check out the live website for more information!

About Freeholder Gary Rich

In 2011, Gary Rich was elected Monmouth County Freeholder. During his campaign, Gary promised to the taxpayers of Monmouth County that he would work every day to make sure that the county tax rate did not increase. He has kept that promise! During his two years as Chair of the Finance Committee of the Board of Freeholders, Gary has produced budgets with NO county tax increase for the citizens of Monmouth County. He and his colleagues on the Board of Chosen Freeholders are committed to continue this record in the future. Learn more…

Freeholder Gary Rich

Visit freeholdergaryrich.com/


We are so proud to present

It is with great pride that we share with you this new website intended to help return internationally abducted children. The legal process of the Hague Law is an exhaustive road of bureaucracy and expense. These international child abduction cases typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to pursue. It is our sincere hope that by sharing our talents, we may help spread awareness, and aid in legal and legislative efforts to bring internationally abducted children back home to the United States.

About the ROCH Foundation

Dennis Burns is a Left Behind Parent of International Parental Child Abduction. Dennis was named the Primary Residential Parent by a Colorado Judge. Three weeks after this verdict Dennis’ ex-wife kidnapped their 2 daughters and took them to Argentina. After 3 years of relentless diligence on the legal fronts, Dennis is now in the Supreme Courts of Argentina battling for the International Hague Law to be upheld and his daughters to be returned to their legal country of residence in the United States.  [More about Dennis’s story]

Dennis is a Sotheby’s International Real Estate Broker in Aspen Snowmass, Colorado. Together with David Goldman and the Bring Sean Home Foundation as final recipient of the proceeds, Dennis has established the ROCH Foundation. The Return Our Children Home (ROCH) Foundation is designed to assist Buyers and Sellers set up a professional and knowledgeable member of the National Association of Realtors anywhere in the United States, or even the World. The resulting referral commission, at no expense to the client, goes to the foundation to help return internationally abducted children. We invite you to visit the website for more information.

ROCH Foundation

Visit ROCHFoundation.org


We are so proud to present

Dennis Burns and his family have been friends of our family for a very long time. It is with great pride that we share with you this new website intended to help Denis in his fight to bring back his children who were abducted more than three years ago. It is our sincere hope that our contribution may help spread awareness, and aid in legal and legislative efforts to bring these girls back home to the United States.

About Return Burns Children Fund

On September 9, 2010, two American children, Victoria and Sophia Burns, were abducted by their mother to Argentina after a U.S. Judge named their father, Dennis Burns, the primary residential parent. Dennis needs our support to help bring the girls home!

Dennis and the Burns Family are from New Providence, New Jersey and Ocean Beach near Lavallette, New Jersey. He has resided in Aspen/Snowmass Village, Colorado since 1994. We invite you to visit the website for more information.


Return Burns Children

Visit ReturnBurnsChildren.org


It is our pleasure to present the ALL-NEW
Paolo’s Gluten Free

Check out www.PaolosGlutenFree.com!

Paolo’s Gluten Free is a newly launched project we are extremely proud of! As always, working with Paolo, Paula and Isabella was a true pleasure – teamwork that inspired great creative ideas and a visually appealing website with great functionality, such as a user-friendly online ordering plugin linked to FedEx and online payment options! With this new site, the delicious Italian “heat and eat” meals from Paolo’s Kitchen are now available nationwide – a wonderful service for families with gluten free needs!

About Paolo’s Gluten Free

If you’re looking for delicious gluten free selections and enjoy Italian food, Paolo’s Gluten Free is for you! Chef Paolo has extensive knowledge of culinary arts and prides himself on using the freshest, high quality ingredients for his meals.

The Gluten Free line of Italian “meals on the go” has developed into unique and popular offerings at local farmers markets throughout New Jersey and New York. These market trays serve 2-3 and are filled with flavor and passion. Visit Paolo’s Gluten Free, and experience Chef Paolo’s gluten free line yourself and see what everyone is talking about… Who’s Your GFF?


Visit www.PaolosGlutenFree.com


New Web Design for
Community Day Nursery of East Orange

Caring for Children since 1897.

We are so proud to share with you the launch of the new website for Community Day Nursery of East Orange, New Jersey! This new WordPress website, a user-friendly platform that will enable the nursery school’s staff to add and update content as needed going forward, uses our custom-designed theme that can easily be updated as the website continues to evolve. It is a dynamic website with lots of easy-to-find resources, such as their calendar, parent handbook, and a regularly updated section for the center’s news with lots of beautiful pictures! Community Day Nursery came to us through our existing client since 2010, NJAEYC, and we have had the most pleasant and highly efficient experience working with Kathy Burke and her team! Visit the live site at www.cdneo.org!

About Community Day Nursery

Community Day Nursery is a nonprofit early childhood program offering a high quality full day preschool education to the children of East Orange.  Community Day Nursery (CDN) has been serving children and their families since 1897.


Visit www.cdneo.org


Proudly presenting
the all-new website, logo and more for
CAWL To Arms: A NEW College Arm Wrestling League!

We are proud to present the brand new website for this exciting new co-ed sport, which is to be held at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park this November, and televised on ESPNU and ESPN2 in the spring of 2014! For our inaugural season, the competing students will be from Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse U, and UConn!

As partners in NYC Brand Productions, it has been an exciting ride as we prepared for the unveiling at our official launch! Our integrated marketing plan included logo design, creation of the website, design of multiple newspaper ads, flyers and other print marketing, as well as setup of social media accounts. We invite you to check out the site!

About CAWL To Arms

CAWL TO ARMS is a brand new, unique, action-packed, adrenaline-inducing Co-Ed sport in which teams of students from rival schools around the country face one another in exciting and grueling matches to find the most powerful MALE AND FEMALE collegiate arm wrestlers in America! The winning team will be named the inaugural 2014 CAWL TO ARMS GRAND CHAMPIONS … and split $10,000 in cash!

Visit the LIVE site at CAWLToArms.com!


Visit www.CAWLToArms.com



Proudly presenting the all new website for
New Providence Music Boosters


We are proud to present the brand new website for a terrific organization that supports music and performing arts in the New Providence, New Jersey, school district – NP Music Boosters!

With our own aspiring musician in the Middle School, it has been a great pleasure to work with the Music Boosters’ efficient Board of Directors to create a website that offers easy-to-update slideshows and calendar of events, an online merchandise store, and many opportunities for parents to get involved via membership, easy volunteering, sharing of photos and videos, and much more! Check out the site!

About New Providence Music Boosters

Music Boosters is an organization comprised of parents and friends whose purpose is to support the New Providence School District Music and Performing Arts Department. This group of parents and friends share their time and talents to raise funds to support special performances, provide scholarships, assemblies and competitions, and purchase special musical instruments.

Visit the LIVE site at NPMusicBoosters.org!


Visit www.NPMusicBoosters.org



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